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P. R. Barua

The world has become smaller now a days with the rapid development of science and technology. Now, the people of one part of the world can reach the other part within the shortest possible time. It has been possible mainly due to the significant improvement in the sector of communication. Since independence, our country is also progressing day by day. Our people in general are trying their best to make rapid progress in their own field. We see that our democratic Government is engaged in various development efforts to build a balanced and exploitation free society. They want to keep the society violent free.  This is a noble idea. If violence can be controlled and the law and order situation can be kept under control then the people of all walks of life will find congenial atmosphere in their day to day’s work and can contribute in various fields for development of our country. We know that the sacred responsibility of maintaining peace and order and ensuring security of life and property of the people rests with police. Out police force are trying their best in discharging their responsibility with dedication and sincerity with their limited resources. The main task of our police force is to prevent crime and detect the criminals. Crime prevention is a big task. To understand the term ‘crime prevention’ we are to see the reasons why crime is committed. If the reasons can be pointed out then it will be easier for its control and tackling the situation. Our country is a developing country. Here, unemployment problem, abnormal increase of population, lack of mutual respect and economic condition of the society are some of the important factors for the commission of various crimes. Besides, poverty also plays a vital role for increase of criminal activities. It can be mentioned here that our Government has taken necessary steps for control of birth rate of the people of our country. The Government has also taken various steps for educating the people, mainly giving free primary education to the general mass, particularly the female section of the society. If people are given education they can find job. Further, if unemployment problem can be solved reasonably it is sure that the trend of criminal activities will come down considerably. Again, for removing poverty, if job facilities can be increased for less educated people and their minimum requirement are met with; the general mass will remain satisfied and abstain from criminal activities. If the people are properly educated they will be polite, gentle and the sense of mutual respect and fellow feeling will grow in them. So, population control, proper education, employment facilities and fulfillment of minimum demands of the people can change the lot of our people and thereby bring a change in our society. But, it may take sometime to come over all the above mentioned factors. Till then, we are to take positive measures as a police force to keep peace and order in the society. To cope with the situation, the strength of our police force need to be increased reasonably.

Now a days, it is observed that increasing crime is a common phenomenon all over the world. The present trend of crime points to the fact that terrorism, smuggling, drug trafficking, rape and violence are now a days the major offences creating troubles even for a poor country. Our country is also effected with all these crimes. To curb down the criminal activities, proper identification of crime is essential for its proper prevention. In this circumstance, proper and necessary training facilities are to be arranged for our police force at home and abroad.

To make our police force efficient and effective our services need to be evaluated. In Police Academy and Police Training Centers modern training aids and equipments need to be supplied. The Instructors may be given special pay and allowances. They can be sent abroad for higher training. They also may be posted in the Police Academy and Police Training Centers for a particular period after which they can be given better posting in other police units.

Police is a civil force. So, they are to mix with the people freely. It is an important fact that people’s support in the enforcement of law cannot be ignored. Police men represent only a small fraction of the society which they serve and can never adequately discharge their obligation to protect life and property unless they are reinforced by the good will and co-operation of the people. It is highly important that the citizen and the policemen understand and appreciate each other’s problem and viewpoints. The citizen has definite obligation in this respect. One is to realize that, his security and welfare are, to a great extent, dependent upon the maintenance of an orderly society which, in turn, is dependent upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the police force. On the other hand, a policeman on his part need to remember that law enforcement is not an end in itself but is rather, a means to an end and that end is the maintenance or an orderly society. No matter how well a police department is organized and how efficient and honest its administration, it is judged by individual citizen and consequently, by the nature of its contacts with the individual, the community and the society they serve. Police contacts are usually made under difficult circumstances. For this reason, there are adverse beliefs concerning police. All these can be overcome only by keeping good relation with the people in general. In this context mention may be made that relationship between individuals belonging to different class, community, religion and society is to be maintained in the highest order with a view to achieving the best co-operation and maximum benefit, otherwise, the result will be reverse. From police point of view, to overcome this and to create congenial atmosphere, all efforts are required to be made to create a favourable relationship between the police and the people. Because, police are the most important factors in determining public attitude. By keeping better relationship with the people, police can perform their duty properly. By building the appropriate relationship and attitude between the police and the people a high degree of acceptance will result and other media affecting public relation such as the press, radio, television, moving pictures and fiction writers will be encouraged to focus the relationship between the police and the people in general. To achieve this goal, proper motivation work is necessary. Senior police officers need to motivate the juniors. For this, the following norms of service may be cultivated by the superior police officers.

a)     To convince the subordinate of the necessity of their work.

b)     To explain polices to them.

c)      To assign duties fairly and impartially.

d)     To evaluate training matters.

e)      To advice the juniors about their duties towards society.

Police need to understand that the modern civilization is beset with multifarious social problems. Immorality gives birth to many problems seriously effecting the peaceful and meaningful living of human beings in the society. In fact, social crimes of all kinds occur mainly due to human activities devoid of moral senses. So, to prevent crimes at all levels moral development from individual to group has become quite essential at this stage. Police force has to keep in mind that they being a law enforcing agency are mainly responsible for control of crime and criminal activities in the society. If peace and tranquility can be maintained, development work in all spheres of national life can be achieved successfully.

It is a fact that, police education and training have become the key issue of today. To equip the police officers and men properly, scientific and technological advancement are required to be made for the police department. In fact the criminals are now a days so dare and so sophisticated that what was considered 5 years before, is now absolute. And, in order for law enforcement officers to serve in a dynamic, rapidly changing society and to meet the challenging situation, they are to be continuously updated on the latest techniques and scientific developments.

It is seen that the effectiveness of the law enforcing personnel depends not only on their knowledge, skill and abilities but also on the ethical application of what they have learnt. The education of officers and men of our service should not be confined to training academies but it should be a continuous process:-

Our police activities generally fall into three classes;

a)  Case detection.

b)  Field activities.

c)  Community co-ordination.

Cases provide tangible evidence of police activities. There are criminal cases, traffic cases and service cases. Usually, all cases will result in some kind of written record made by the police department.

Field activities are essentially for the purpose of crime prevention, repression of crime, regulation of conduct and to have personnel available to handle cases when, where and as they occur. They include inspection services designed to reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime.

The role of the police in community co-ordination is to develop overall crime prevention programs. It is also a means by which the police make available information on crime and other police activities which are of concern to other agencies and to the public at large.

  Writer : D.I.G (Retd)

  Uttara, Dhaka

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